Chiayi non-center is located in Chiayi City and very easy to arrive. The course site is situated in the compus of Fu Jen Kindergarten. Enter by the gate of kindergarten then go straight to the end, the venue is there.  

Please choose from the options below to reach the venue.

By bus

From Chiayi Railway Station or Inter-city bus station

Go to the front building of  the Transit Center of Chiayi City and find the Gate 1 or Platform 15. Take the buses run by Chiayi Bus Company to Bai-he (白河)or Guan-zi-ling (關子嶺) and dismount at  “Fu-Jen Catholic High School ”  (輔仁中學). The running time from the Transit Center to “Fu Jen High School” is 18 minutes approximately.

Bus Route & Number

Departure Stop 

Departure Time


To Baihe 白河  7210

Transit Center 

8:30, 11:30, noon 12:01


To Guanziling 關子嶺  7214

Transit Center 

9:00, 10:00,11:00, Noon 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:01


To Alishan 阿里山  7322

Chiayi Train Station (Front)

6:10, 8:10, 10:10, 12:10, 14:10


About Transit Centr of Chiayi City

The Transit Center is a transportation complex. It is the main pick-up and drop-off stop of freeway scheduled buses, intercity buses and city buses. The Transit Center and Chiayi Railway Station (TRA Chiayi Station) are connected with a footbridge situated at the rear of  the train station. 

Address:  1, Zhongxing Road, West District, Chiayi city.

From THSR Chiayi Station to Chiayi Railway Station

Take BRT Shuttle Number 7211, 7212 to TRA Chiayi Station. Please find the stop at Exit 2. The travel time is less than 30 minutes to Chiayi Rear Station. . 

THSR Shuttle Bus Info 

By Taxi


The information below is for reference only. The conduct of taxi drivers and the customer service they provide fall outside the center’s responsibility. 

It is always good to book your taxi in advance. Double check the taxi fare before being picked up.

Taxi Fare For Reference



Running Time

Chiayi Railway station to Fu Jen Kindergarden

140 or more

Less than 20 minutes 

THST to Fu Jen Kindergarden

420 or more

About half an hour


From THSR to the venue

  • The registered Taxi Stand in THSR can be found at Exit 3.
  • Taxi Info

From Other place to the venue

  • Booking a taxi run by Auxiliary Traffic Police in Chiayi: 886-5-2756866

By Car


Due to the dearth of parking space, please come by public transport as much as possible. 

Getting the directions and routes on Google Maps or other car navigation systems, please add “Fu Jen Catholic High School”, the neighboring landmark of the venue, as your destination.

Get down / go up to Chiayi

  • Take the National Freeway No.1 ( Sun Yat-sen Freeway) 

  1. Switch to Express 82 /National Freeway No.3 to Shuishang when reach   272km Chiayi System Interchange. 
  2. Exit Express 82 at 32km where see a board showing the direction towards to Chiayi / Baihe(嘉義/白河).
  3. 3. Take the inner lane then make a left turn to County Highway No.165.  Go straight.
  4. 4. When reach a fork in the road turn left to Wufeng South Road, also shown as Tai Highway 18. 
  5. 5. Go along this road for about 3 minutes and Fu-Jen kindergarten is on the left side.  
  • Take the National Freeway No.3 (Formosa Freeway)

  1. Exit when reach 297km Zhongpu Interchange and switch to Tai Highway 18 which also shown as Zhongsan Road heading for Chiayi City. Go straight for about 500 meters. 
  2. Turn right to Dayi Road. The road name will soon turn to Qinshui. 
  3. Go straight to the end then turn right to Wufeng South Road. Go along Wufeng S. Road for about 1 minute and Fu Jen Kindergarten is on the left side.

At International Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

  • By Bus to Taoyuan Station
    → Chiayi Station
  • By Shuttle bus to THSR Chiayi Station
    → THSR Chiayi Station

Kaohsiung International Airport

  • By Metro to Kaohsiung Station
    → Chiayi Railway Station

  • By Metro to THSR Zuoying Station
    → THSR Chiayi Station

Contact Details

Chiayi Non-Center Venue

Address: 268, Wufeng South Road, East District, Chiayi Ciity

Fu Jen Kindergarten (neighboring Fu Jen Catholic High School)


(+886)-5-2279526 (Fax only)

[email protected] (for registration)
[email protected]