Guanyin Temple is located in Alian District, Kaohsiung City, 30 minutes by bus from MRT Gangshan South Station, 20 minutes plus on foot after getting off the bus at Jioujiou stop (九鬮). 

By Bus

1. Getting to Jioujiou (九鬮) by bus

  • From MRT Gangshan South Station & Gangshan Train Station

    Take Route Red70 (both Red70A and Red70B ), 8012 or 8049 at MRT Gangshan South  Station which is adjacent to the Gangshan Train Station and Gangshan Transfer Station.  Get off at Jioujiou(九鬮) stop. It is takes about 30 minutes.

  • From THSR Tainan Station

    Take Route 8042 to Alian, then transfer to Route R70 or 8012 to Jioujiou. 30 minutes by bus estimated, waiting time not included.

  • From Tainan Train Station

    Take Route R2 to Guanmiao (關廟) Bus Station then transfer to R13. Get off at Alian and transfer to No. Red70 or 8012 to Jioujiou.

2. Walking to Guanyin Temple from Jiou-jiou

Go straight for about 2 minutes after getting off the bus, follow the signboard “Mount. Dagang Scenic Area” and turn to Fu-an Road. Walk  along Fu-an Road for about 15 minutes, turn right at the intersection of Ren-ai Road (仁愛路) and Fu-an Road. Pass through the gate of Guanyin Temple, more 3 minutes on foot you may arrive the course site. 


By Taxi

Notice: the taxi information provided below are only for participants' convenience, the center is not responsible for the conduct of the taxi drivers or the quality of the journey.

Taxis should always be booked in advance. The driver will group people together if more than one person books a taxi at a similar time of day, so that the total cost can be shared.

Be sure to double check the cost before set off.


Taxi Cost for Reference

Pickup Point

Fare estimates (NTD)

Running Time (Minute)

THSR Tainan Station

400 to 650

15 to 20

THSR Zuoying Station

600 to 700


Gangshan Train Station

Charge by the meter. Initial charge 150.


MRT Gangshan South Station

Charge by the meter. Initial charge 150.


Kaohsiung International Airport

800 to1000



By Car

National Freeway No.1

Get off at the exit to Luzhu (路竹) .  Head towards Alian, go to Chenggong Road (成功路),then turn to Zhongxiao Road (忠孝路), trun left to drive along Renai Road (仁愛路) . Go straight through the gate of Guanyin Temple, the course site is ahead.


National Freeway No.3

Get off at the exit to Tianliao (田寮).  Head towards Alian, then turn left to Renai Road (仁愛路) . Go straight through the gate of Guanyin Temple, the course site is ahead. 

At International Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

  • By Bus to Taichung Railway Station
  • By UBus to Fengyuan/Dongshi Station
    (Check UBus counter for detail)

  • By Bus to Taoyuan Station
    → Fenyuan Station
    → Taichung Railway Station

  • By Shuttle bus to HSR Taoyuan Station
    → HSR Taichung Station

Kaohsiung International Airport

  • By Metro to Kaohsiung Station
    → Taichung Railway Station

  • By Metro to HSR Zuoying Station
    → HSR Taichung Station

Contact Details

Address: No. 211-33, Fu'an, Alian Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Post code:822


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 VoIP: 070-1010-0266 / 070-1010-0270 (For registration only)

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