Chiayi Non-Center -- A place to experience the non-sectarian Vipassana technique

The new non-center site is located in south-eastern Chiayi City, easily accessible by THSR, rail, and bus.  It is on a five year lease from the Catholic Society of Divine Word (SVD), starting from June 2019.   During the reconstruction of Dhammodaya, Vipassana courses will be held here, continuing the spread of Dhamma, the universal way out of suffering first disseminated by Gotama the Buddha.  The non-center site is comprised of one three-storied building and one row house, with a basketball field dividing the two.  Although situated in the campus of Fu Jen Kindergarten, it is isolated from the rest of the kindergarten facilities, and enjoys a peaceful environment. 

After necessary re-planning and renovation, the non-center site will accommodate 50 students and 14 Dhamma servers. Due to the limitations of the site, there will be single-sex courses only, alternatively male or female, starting from late September 2019.  For female courses, there will only be female servers.  For male courses, both male and female servers are welcome to serve.  Come and taste Dhamma in this new venue!

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Chiayi Non-Center Venue

Address: 268, Wufeng South Road, East District, Chiayi Ciity

Fu Jen Kindergarten (neighboring Fu Jen Catholic High School)



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